Physical therapists employ many procedures in their treatment, but none is as important as a specific therapeutic exercise program. Often, physical therapy programs rely solely on a “hands-on” approach or perhaps only modalities (ultrasound, for example). An evidence-informed physical therapy program should incorporate a therapeutic exercise program as well as manual therapy and modalities when appropriate. Our staff specializes in manual orthopedic physical therapy that incorporates manual therapy, as well as the creation of an individualized therapeutic exercise program specifically tailored for you and your condition.


Hydrotherapy, or water-based exercise, has been found to be highly effective in the treatment of conditions that are weight-bearing sensitive. Lower extremity arthritis, back pain (including spinal stenosis and disc conditions), post-operative immobility and weakness, and chronic pain have all been found to improve with water-based exercise. Dr. Brianna Peters, PT provides each patient with individual prescription and supervision of their exercises while receiving personalized attention to assure proper performance and intensity. Each session is one hour long and takes place in the nearby YMCA pool on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Joint mobilization and manipulation is a treatment technique performed by trained physical therapists that utilizes specific knowledge of joint mechanics and neuroscience to restore component movements of a specific joint. These techniques can be applied to any joint whether in the spine or peripheral joints. In addition to restoring movement through mechanical means, joint mobilization and manipulation has been found to modulate pain and reduce associated muscle spasms commonly found with joint dysfunction. Joint mobilization and manipulation alone is seldom effective over the long term and may be employed by your physical therapist as a component of the comprehensive treatment program, often including exercise.


We at McCune and Murphy are all athletes and love sports as much as you do! We are triathletes, swimmers, runners, soccer players, kayakers, bikers, and soccer moms so we appreciate that getting you or your child back on the field, track, road, pool, or lake as quickly and safely as possible. We specialize in evaluations to assess running and swimming form, throwing mechanics, bike fit and orthotic creation for lower extremity overuse injuries. These skills, along with a thorough neuromusculoskeletal evaluation will get you back in the game ASAP!


Dizziness is a common complaint - the second most common reason why patients see their primary care physician. While not all dizziness can be treated with physical therapy, physical therapy can be an integral component of your treatment for certain types of dizziness. We start to treat symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and disequilibrium with a thorough evaluation to identify impairments in several areas including the vestibular system, cervical spine, and lower extremities. Treatment may include specific modalities such as the Epley maneuver for vestibular dizziness, cervical spine mobilization and postural education for cervicogenic dizziness, and general core strengthening to assist with fall prevention.


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We provide a number of group exercise classes including T fit, Ironmind, MSE (Medically Supervised Excerise) and more.

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